Project of the Week: Boohoo (Forge)

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As promised last week (well, the week before last, now), here's the very first Forge mod showcase! Due to time constraints, we've decided to make this series every other week instead of every week, but the series name will remain the same.

This week's is about Boohoo, a mod celebrating the Halloween season made by MelanX, a seasoned mod developer with over a dozen mods to the name. The first release of Boohoo was published on the fifth of October.


Let's hope you have the Ghostbusters in your phone's contacts, because Boohoo adds a ghost which follows you around and tries to kill you! You can try and engage in combat with it, but it teleports more often than an enderman and its attacks are stronger than a zombie's. It will also steal a random item from you if (read: when) it kills you, flying around with it before eventually disappearing and dropping it on the ground.

Needless to say, it might just be better to have it never spawn in the first place. You can change the chance of the ghost spawning in the mod's config, but as long as you sleep each night, it will never spawn!

Boohoo is made for the Forge mod loader and only supports 1.17.1. It is required on both the server as well as the client. Due to the item stealing mechanic, stolen items will not be picked up by any mods adding gravestones. That said, Boohoo does also require another API called LibX, which is used in most of MelanX's mods. LibX must be downloaded for Boohoo to work.


The easiest way to showcase Boohoo is to show a ghost in action and in combat, so that's exactly what we'll do! Luckily, the mod author has prepared a special video made just for us. You can watch the video here!