Modrinth's brand new design, rolling out with the launch of Beta

Six months ago, in order to fill a void in the modding community, the project that would eventually become Modrinth was founded. Modrinth was created to bring change to an otherwise stagnant landscape of hosts. Today, Modrinth enters Beta, a huge step forward for Modrinth!

What's new?

If you've checked out Modrinth in the past, here's the main things you'll notice that have changed:

  • All new clean and modern design in both light and dark modes
  • Mods now display download counts correctly
  • Mod information can now be edited in the author Dashboard
  • More information can be added to mods

What's next?

Modrinth is still in beta, of course, so there will be bugs. In the coming weeks and months, we will be prioritizing fixing the issues that currently exist and continue refining the design in areas that are rough.

If you find any, please report them to the issue tracker:

If you would like to chat about Modrinth, our discord is open to all here: